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Past Lives der Regisseurin Celine Song

Past Lives der Regisseurin Celine Song luft im Kino! z.B. auch in OmU im Thalia Kino in Potsdam oder Delphi Lux am Berliner Zoo.

San Sebastian Festival to Screen May December, Zone of Interest, Past Lives in Best-of Sidebar

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Does anyone here know ! How To pirate the movie Really wanna see it :(

is a bit unsure who it is for and what it is about: some of it is a nostalgic existential midlife crisis and some of it is feminism 101 for preteens. But it is having so much fun it's easy to look past that.

These were probably my 3rd and 4th favourite films of the year so far, after two surprises in and .

What does it say about me that my two favorite films this year are and

AFCC member Josh reviews and

Woot! Woot! Woot!

Discover your Past Life online.

Past Lives

< Audience favorite of 2023 according to Carlo Chatrian >

Nora and Hae Sung meet again after a long time in New York. As students, they both feel a lot for each other, but Nora's family emigrates to Canada, so the relationship breaks off.
But Nora has since married and doesn't want to give up her writing career in New York.

I usually go to arthouse-y stuff before big stuff. I know you prob need to hit the big stuff first.

But for me, i need to prioritieze the arty ones. Cause it is one week before was down to one slot a day at a 9:45 showing. And I assumed they would only give it one week at all. (Which, woo, go Past Lives)

'Insidious: The Red Door' Dethrones 'Indiana Jones 5' From Top Spot at the BO!! , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Past Lives: the yearning of what might have been if only... When one door closes, many more open. Worth seeing this film!
"Theres a section in Past Lives, Celine Songs gorgeous, deft debut film about a pair of reconnecting childhood sweethearts, that immediately portaled me to the year 2011."

I watched and I have so many thoughts.

AFCC member Jay reviews

With playing Sundance London this weekend, what are the chances of it also being the Screen Unseen and Mystery Film

I saw last night and just cant stop thinking about it. Such a devastating portrayal of those ethereal moments in our lives where something innocuously slips through our fingers. These inflection points weigh on us and cause us to ask the universe what if as we lie awake at night. Whether it led to good, bad, or nothing at all we cant help but wonder. Its hard to cope with knowing that youll never know.

This is my life. This is where Im supposed to be.

is the story of childhood sweethearts from who meet catch up over the years.

This was really good. Not so much a love story, but a story about love. It does not follow convention at all. It is a tender story about 3 people, and how they handle their attraction, commitment, and respect for each other. I enjoyed it for its sincerity. It stays small, but finds the enormity in the small. DAMN good .

Spoilers in

Big sigh. Everyone go see before serious, adult go extinct.

The newest A24 movie is out this weekend and has showtimes even in my town. is about two kids in Korea at age 12, and how one immigrates with their parents to Canada and the other stays in Korea, and what their lives look like 24 years later.

It was quiet and awkward, in a meaningful way. About the what-ifs, the choices we made, and the lives that grew from them.

I enjoyed it.

AIR (2023): The Hollywood Critics Association Midseason Awards Nominations Point to Big Things for Ben Affleck's Film

Its been over a week since I saw this movie and Im still thinking about it.

Kraftvolle Balladen sind Sharon van Ettens Spezialitt. Das beweist sie erneut mit dem Song Quiet Eyes. Den hat sie zusammen mit Zachary Dawes eigens fr den neuesten A24-Film Past Lives komponiert.

In addition, Celine Song deserves a writing nomination for such a fantastic script. Life presents uncomfortable moments, and you can't always just brush them away. She leans into them.

I don't expect the Oscars to look twice at Celine Song as a director, but I'm definitely expecting a Spirit Award nomination for Best First Feature.

I can't recommend this film enough. Definitely see it whenever you get the chance. 2/2

I saw last night, and it's really an amazing film. It resonated with me for multiple reasons, from a different look at the familiar "what if" question, to being someone who had to navigate between two cultures.

With being such a quiet film, I fear that it'll get lost in the shadow of bigger names, but I hope it gets more attention. There are several terrific performances but Greta Lee as one of the leads is an absolute stand-out & is worthy of a Best Actress nom. 1/2

Jezebel: Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth: 'Past Lives' Director Celine Song on How She Made the Ordinary Extraordinary

Film Review: PAST LIVES (2023): Celine Songs Touching Ode to the Human Condition is Simply a Masterpiece

'Past Lives' star Greta Lee on how language and identity are intertwined : NPR

Prepare yourself for the beautiful heartache of A24's Past Lives, one of the best movies of 2023


1. The ties between two people over the course of their lives.
2. Predestined relationship or fate.

From writer-director Celine Song, PAST LIVES comes to TIFF Bell Lightbox starting June 8.

Past Lives: Trailer

From director Celine Song and starring Greta Lee, Teo Yoo, and John Magaro. PAST LIVES Coming soon.

DIRECTOR: Celine Song
CAST: Greta Lee, Teo Yoo, and John Magaro

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Something's coming through
It opens up my eyes
The more I try to ignore it
The more I realize

Go through waves of control
And waves of surrender
Not sure what is right, but I know what's true and tender

Reality can't change unless you face the music
Time to change the arrangement
Or steadfast through it

Projector Room #133 Living in Slumberland 08/03/2023

Ted, Gareth and Allan are back this time we take a Fall, Slumberland, Jui Jitsu, RRR, Robert Vaughn, Living, Empire of Light and Where the Spies Are in Episode 133 of Projector Room Podc

Trailer of new movie coming from Past Lives


only want to say that i want to see this . think it will be like the third -themed ill have ever watched directed by starring watch

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"A connection that spans decades."

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