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Traumatic and disrespectful Intentionally Overwhelming black neighborhoods with the sounds and presence of policeI am so hurt and disgusted by your apathy and i reject your recognition of my work because my life our lives dont matter to you past that Step down

IndyaMoore Everywhere Traumatic and disrespectful. Intentionally Overwhelming black neighborhoods with the sounds and presence of police.. @NYCMayor I am so hurt and disgusted by your apathy and i reject your recognition of my work because my life our lives dont matter to you past that. Step down. Actions speak louder than tweets. Click the link in my bio for action items on how you can help black folks on the ground in Minneapolis & beyond. They/them
LGBTfdn Manchester, United Kingdom 🐝 Today would have been Alan Turing’s 108th birthday. Whilst we celebrate how far we have come on the road to equality, we must never forget our past. Discrimination, prejudice and inequality still prevent many LGBT people today from living our lives as fully equal. #EqualityWins A national charity delivering services, advice and support for LGBT people in England. We’re STILL here if you need us 🏳️‍🌈 Call us on 0345 3 30 30 30
7im PDX A while ago I stumbled across something that still trips me out. We like to think of red lining as being a terrible problem of the past. But so much of that urban legacy still lives with us. The past as they say is not even past. Senior Writer, Rolling Stone
harecat @selenagomez @Iamtrevordaniel some times I wish we all could access our past lives (I think it would help the world if every one could) & other times I'm not sure.
souImateforever 🇦🇷 she/her they way that if dnp were a man and a woman no one would even doubt they’re dating. they’ve lived together for the past 10 years and they’ve said they’ve been romantically involved in the past but want to keep their personal lives private. but they’re both men so they’re BrOs!1 i couldn’t want you anymore @doodlesdnp
DoNotCallmeLoui This is a frequent tactic, weaponize insensitive past acts of allies of social change to silence them. Present actions tell me more about a person than old skits. I’d take 100 ⁦⁦⁦@jimmykimmel⁩ s over the I don’t see race all lives matter crowd
mpopovichREP Canton, Ohio John Carroll University lost an icon this evening. Chris Wenzler was a great sports information director who touched so many lives in a positive way. His inspirational fight over the past couple of years will never be forgotten. My thoughts are with everyone who knew him. Sports writer at The Canton Repository and host. Always trying to capture the spirit of the thing. Proud WZIP-FM alum.
thepronko @GlobalistWhore @realworldrj @brooklynmutt @Acyn Ah yes, America’s racist past. Things were so bad back then people wouldn’t even entertain a notion. Times have changed, right? We can now agree that that black lives matter instead of debating the fact, right? Instead of getting fired or yelled at for saying they do, right? My perspicacious mind is deprogramming #Trumpaganda
kevin_snapp Chicago, IL USA @HalMarshall2309 Thank you, Hal. A trivial talent discovered in curmudgeonhood. No one in my past lives would have accused me of being a smartass. Retired legal professional (JD U of Chi 1982). Rootless provincial, raised in NM, 40 years in Chicago. Interested in Turkey, religion, democracy and modernity.
KishonnaGray Chicago, IL Learning from mistakes also means addressing past harms...(they ruined their own lives) Digital Herstorian; #CiteHerWork; #GrayTest; welfare class scholar; AsstProf @ThisIsUIC; gamer posing as professor; opinions are mine but should be yours
hottestmadambae 🇵🇭 @mircifer I always thought of it that way, esp when I see delulu fans... and these past few months there has been a lot This industry lives in our fantasy, it’s sad that it has done little to protect these entertainers And very few help for those who needs it #옥택연#2PM#닉쿤#찬성#우영#준K#준호 #소지섭#지창욱#성훈#김소현#bongji#letsfightghost KPop&KDrama StyleMusicTVBooksShop’gFoodTravelCarsTinyHouse Friends TheBigBangTheory
RichB02318864 Buffalo, NY @nflnetwork @packers @Big_Mountain77 @AndrewSiciliano You’re right, enough is enough! Where’s BLM when it came to Chicago this past weekend? #BLM will matter when black lives really matter! No “ok Boomer”, it’s stupid!
GamesDropbear Canberra The Artist lives in the part that's ruled over by the Neon Goddess The Trickster lives in the part that is stuck several centuries in the past The Last Hope lives in the part where it’s always late afternoon (2/3) ✨ void cult darling ✨ teen boy ✨ vibe vendor ✨ game designer ✨ taller than thou ✨
fearwantbot Montréal, Québec I fear immense insects I want to be taken care of by our past lives I tweet fears and wants every hour. Made by @theotheralvaro and @lisacyang PM us your fears and wants. *Made with Cheap Bots Done Quick*
ethanander USA do our young people not know the danger of communism? or are they so defeated by addiction that they want a ruler to take over their lives? marxists have been trying for years to gain traction. in the past we had Black Panthers, the Weather Underground. politics,philosophy,comedy,music,twitch,youtube twitch streamer
goldc0smics @spacegrqy @dangerouseth he’s apologized multiple times and continued to advocate for black lives every single day. he has never been racist again past that video. BLM
GinGander Warning~Small Government Ideas I've noted every public corporation that has lectured me in their ads about "black lives" over the past month, and I'll be ignoring their products and services for the rest of my life. Hello, I'm Gin Gander, tweeter extraordinaire. This is where I vent on American politics, and dump retweets. My Spaced Princess account is: @GingerGander
FassbinderTom Iowa, USA @RPMotorsports Will @RPMotorsports run an “All Lives Matter” paint job at the next race? Will @NASCAR mandate an All Lives Matter logo in the infield grass? Asking on behalf of about 10 million fans who have been with nascar for the past 25 years and now feel betrayed by this shit show. Established 1964. Whitetail Fanatic. America First. Supporting law enforcement and military! 2A.

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